Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fort Leonard Wood 2.0

Hello All! We moved again..back to good ole' Missouri and the Big Piney (aka the Big Hiney). Last time we were here it was our first duty station. As we were in newlywedded bliss it didn't seem so bad to live in a 900 sq foot bungalow built in the 40s with one tiny bathroom. Fast forward to now..with a baby and two dogs and much much much more furniture..things don't seem so romantic. We were given a 2 bedroom renovated place this time. The renovations are appreciated but a little strange. For example there is NO where to put a table and chairs in the kitchen. They added a second opening to the kitchen and effectively took away your one place for a table. So therefore the living room is also the dining room. It's really hard to go from 3 bedrooms to 2...i really miss having that spare room to throw all the extra stuff you don't know where to shove! Oh well somehow between my decorating genius and Michael's spatial/engineering skills we were able to fit everything. Guests will just have to embrace our air mattress. My favorite thing about it: It's 2 mins from Michael's work. He gets to come home for lunch.

I'll upload some pics of the house in a bit. But here's a little treat for you...we don't teach Gabe lame things. We teach him cool things. Like the People's elbow: I think uncle wesdawg will appreciate this the most...but it's pretty hilarious when Gabe does it!


Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

If you Smellllllalalalalalallalalalalalallell what the Gabers is cookin!!!!!!!

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