Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greg & TZ's Wedding Weekend!

The older bro is married!! I gained another sister! We had an wonderful weekend in CT celebrating Greg & TZ's wedding. The wedding ceremony took place on the hill (pictured below) and the ceremony in a tent behind the house. This is Chantal's family home and it's absolutely gorgeous. I kept thinking i was at a Bed & Breakfast! I wish all the best to Greg & TZ in their marriage. We really enjoyed seeing old friends and family and dancing the night away. Gabe did great (especially since there was a sitter on site to watch him) and enjoyed some dancing on the floor :) Since you've waited such a long time for a update...I'll reward you with tons of greg-tz wedding pics!

Chantal's brother Zach is in the top corner with his wife Mallory. Her due date was July 4th..but the next morning (day of rehersal) her water broke. I guess after that things didn't progress quite how the drs wanted. SO to make a long story short they did a c-section in the early morning of the wedding day (june 26th) and little Aiden arrived! Needless to say, Mallory didn't make it to any of the wedding festivities..but Zach did come to the wedding ceremony :)


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Gabe needs a sister! =)

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