Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Military Cribs: In the 'Wood

Here's the new place. Same neighborhood as in '08 but different street. Notice the new siding on the house and shutters.

Nulkie built this fence day 2 after we moved in. Best $200 we'll ever spend. so far it seems pretty "bella-proof" as we call it. So far Houdini hasn't escaped...but she looks longingly at squirrels and paces the back.

Chubbo LOVES to walk around outside in the grass. Our goal is to keep him out of dog dumps.

I got this little table last summer at a OCC garage sale which Monica donated. It's awesome! Gabe loves to sit his stuffed animals in the chairs or move them and sit at it himself and play with his farm! It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Thanks for the table Monica!! In the middle pic Gabe is "showing his teeth".

I hot-glued turquoise ribbon on Gabe's letters which made them MUCH easier to hang. I think they turned out pretty cute.

front entryway and view of the family room from the dining table

View of family room from entry way and the updated kitchen. I love all the updates except that i can't fit a table and they didn't move the washer and dryer out. They did encase them in a closet though.

The master/office suite. They took out the 3rd bedroom and made a huge master. It's what has saved us..we were able to set up the desk and shove most of our extra stuff in the big closet.


Ahn said...

wow you are such an make the rest of us look bad. cute letters over gabe's bed!

Anonymous said...

That little Gabers is soooo CUTE! He looks like he is always ready for action; like father like son. The fence looks great, but Bella H. looks like she's already planning the escape with her intrepid follower. The furniture arrangement looks really nice--you made the best of the improvements. Thanks for the update...your fans were withering away in the wilderness :)
Mom N. aka Grammie

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