Monday, January 17, 2011

Somebody turned 2...

Gabe is now 2 years old! We had a nice relaxing birthday. Michael made cowboy coffee cake for b-fast and Gabe also had cinnabun yogurt (which he mainly fed himself). Then we opened presents. We did a little furniture shopping. Gabe took a 3.5 hour nap (mommy took a 2 hr) and then we had his fave dinner (mac n' cheese) which daddy also made. Then gabe demolished a red velvet cupcake! All in all is was a good birthday I'd say!

opening up his first present

check out my crab hat!

Pellican! Gabe's giving it kisses. Thanks Uncle Greg & Aunt TZ

tricycle from Mommy & daddy

 Now that gabe's 2 he can:
-feed himself with a spoon (sometimes) and fork
-tries to say everyone's name
-says "pease" and "dank u" (please and thank you)
-pounds it with everyone
-gives lots of bear hugs and kisses
-sleeps in a "big boy" bed
-loves to listen to music
-loves to be busy busy busy.
-likes to help mommy with the laundry
-repeats the alphabet and counts to 10 (when prompted)
-favorite toys are firetrucks, trains, snowmen and puzzles
-he loves books! we read a pile a day to him
-Is the sweetest little guy in general. Couldn't ask for a better dude! We love you Gabe!

Look, Ma, No Hands!!

upgraded family room arrangement.
new sleeper sofa

Gabe approves the new layout.


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