Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exciting News!

Gabe's gonna be a big brother! We've known for some time now, but were waiting for a positive ultrasound to officially announce it. Yesterday there was a good heartbeat and the baby was a little over 11 wks in size. That gives us a due date of Aug. 2. We are both sooooo excited!

 kisses for his future sibling :)
I'm looking forward to being done with the first trimester and maybe having energy? My "morning sickness" seems to be diminishing..i only tend to feel sick in the evenings now. Which is actually good because Michael can take care of Gabe and i can try to rest.
 Can you believe this little guy will be two on Sunday? He's definitely lost most of his babyness (other than those chubby cheeks) and is becoming more of a toddler everyday! We've have about 6 months to get this kiddo potty trained before the next one arrives. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful...another little miracle! What a lucky little one with wonderful parents and an older brother to lead the way! We're so happy for you.
Mom AKA Nana

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Bridget said...

congrats laurie!

Laurie and Mike said...

thanks everyone!

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