Sunday, October 2, 2011

 My two Studmuffins
 All these pics (except the last two) were taken at Mueller State Park about 45 mins west of Colorado springs. Looks pristine and beautiful right? It was. But as with all adventures with Nulkie, this was another one for the history books. He wanted "to take a drive to see some fall color". Hah. So i assumed that meant a drive. Not a hike. In the springs it was 83 and sunny. T-shirt and sandals weather. Which is exactly what Nulkie and I were dressed in.  Up at 9000 ft where this park is located it was 62, windy and cloudy. So basically i was freezing (that purple shirt is a purchase from the visitors center) and cranky that we came upon this gorgeous park and couldn't enjoy any hikes because we didn't have the proper footwear. Well Nulkie talked to one of the rangers and he said this grouse overlook hike was easy for kids and had great views. It was about .7 miles round trip. And we did it in birkenstocks and loft gladiator sandals. And pushed the jogger up it. I would recommend hiking boots next time. anyhow we did get these great pics. Evie wasn't too pleased with the wind and chilly temps and proceeded to spit up on me during the photo sesh. Fortunately you can't see her rage in the pics.

 I should've known this little trip with Nulkie would be ridiculous based off the fact that we were heading to Cripple Creek because of a song he used to sing in boy scouts (It goes something like this: he was a big strong man, he was a desperado...blah blah from cripple creek, colorado) so naturally we had to drive out to cripple creek to fulfill a lifelong dream. He's a nut!  Mueller state park came about 10 mins earlier so we stopped there instead. Next lil' weekend trip with nulkie will include a bevy of food, water, winter clothing and proper footwear. Lesson learned, never assume a drive means just a drive!
 We did manage to get this amazing family pic though. Can you believe Gabe is actually smiling at the camera? This was self-timer too.
 Remember this guy? Brendon McNichol, Mike's old college roomie. He's been very productive too...he has a 21 mth old son and a 9 week old daughter (she's in the back of the stroller). We were stationed with them in Ft. Leonard wood when they were brand new butter bars (2lts) and haven't seen them since. They're actually headed back there on Tuesday to start the career course and master's program.
Ya never know who you'll run into again in the army! It was fun to catch up with them, if only for a few days. Today Evie was sweet and let me take a nap while Gabe was napping. Overall it was a busy weekend...but fun. AND....We move into our house on friday!!!!! 4 days left!!!!


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