Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Months!

Happy FOUR mths to my lil' chunkerface! We love you SOOOOO much Evinator!
 You are the most beautiful baby girl! My own little pink baby :)

 We like to be matchy-matchy
Currently Evie is:
-sucking on her hands, burp cloths, and daddy's fingers. Will absolutley NOT take a pacifier.
-grabbing at toys either above or next to her
-cooing, smiling and laughing
-staying awake longer between feedings...1-2 hrs now.
-kicks up her legs and rolls from side to side ocassionally. Hasn't completely rolled yet...she will if you give her a finger for help.
-Started on solids. We've tried rice cereal mixed with pumped milk the last few mornings. She did better today than yesterday. She smiles through the whole feeding and spits out most of what you shove in with a spoon. We think she actually swallowed some today because she didn't fuss afterwards.
-not crazy about hats or matter how hard i try to arrange them on her head properly, she'll have that sucker down over her eyes in a matter of mins. Hoods too.
-wonderful sleeper. Sleeps a solid 9-10 hrs a night and usually takes 3 or 4 naps a day. Go babywise! Seriously if you're having trouble getting your baby to that book. It's SUPER helpful and encouraging.
-has the most delightful disposition! She's just a pleasure to be around. We fight over who gets to hold her!


Wu-zy Whatsit said...

yay evie! she's is sooooo chubby-licious!

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