Sunday, December 4, 2011


 Some big happenings in the Nulk house. And no, I'm not preggo again. But there will be NO MORE BLONDE JOKES this year. I decided to go back to my natural color. Ahnika already beat me to the punch, but i had been planning on ending highlighting for awhile. Just needed the opportunity (aka Nulkie home to watch the kiddos) to spend 3 hrs in the salon. Anyways here's the result.
 Michael calls this my mirror face.
 My fav accessory
I also got side-swept bangs again. I've been blonde for so long sometimes it freaks me out when i look in the mirror, like wow I'm really greasy today. Oh wait, i dyed my hair back to my "natural" color...whatever that means after 10 years of highlighting and sun-in. But i'm pretty happy with it. No more ugly roots.

 just finished lunch. mmmm

 In other news, Nulkie made a the MAC family. He picked up a Macbook pro this weekend. I have to say, it's pretty BA Baracas. Our other HP crapped out and Nulkie needed a newbie for deployments and whatnot.We feel so posh now.
 The gabe-be-good face by Daddy.


Anonymous said...

Laurie you look like some pictures of my mom (grandma) when she was young. Evie looks very satisfied. NY Dad

Ahn said...

AHHH. why did we not discuss this? absolute twins. i am sure our bank accounts will thank us. i do not even want to consider how much i've spent on making my hair blonde over the last 10 years.

Laurie and Mike said...

haha Ahn i totally showed my hairdresser your pic as a reference for the shade of brown i wanted. I know i'm so over paying for highlights...and who has 3 hrs to sit in the salon every few months? So i'm already loving the brown hair! It's fun to have a change. You look fab by the way. Can't wait to see pics of your future baby!

Wu-zy Whatsit said...

Laurie, your hair looks fabulous! I actually didn't know that you weren't a natural blonde, so at least your highlights were well done, right? But you do look amazing, and I love your tree and your gorgeous little accessory in the pink striped tights. I want to squeeze her!

Laurie and Mike said...

Thanks Kara! I guess my hair is that funny color that's the darkest shade of blonde or the lightest shade of brown. It's strange...and it lights up a ton in the sun. But change is good, i'm liking the brown so far. Gabe didn't even notice!

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