Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the latest

 Yesterday was interesting. Tuesday is story time at the on-post library so i got off the phone with my mom to get myself dressed and feed Evie. Was about 20 mins till story time began so naturally i was running behind and hustling to get Gabe ready and Evie strapped in her car seat. Then (as is usually the case when i'm  late) Evie did a massive blowout! Were talking a level-ten wiper people. So i get her all changed and cleaned, rush to get Gabe in his booster seat when i realize the booster seat is in the truck. Which Michael took to work. I debate for a good five mins about just buckling him in and going over but NO, i did not. Too many MPs around this post. With my luck i'd get a big old ticket. Bummer. No story time for us. So i decide well the kids are all bundled up lets go for a walk. I go to put the shock collars on the dogs and their not charged. Dangit! Fail again. So we had to un-bundle ourselves and wait 20 mins for the collars to charge. Finally everyone was ready  and in the car (yes i drove gabe across the busy street with no booster, call the mom-police) and we took a walk at Ironhorse park  in the 20 degree weather. I was the only hardcore dog-walker out there. Gabe was rockin' his snowsuit and Evie was cocooned in many layers of blankets in her car seat. She promptly fell asleep.
 Here's a convo from our walk:
Gabe: "Mommy don't walk in snow. It's swippery. Mommy no walk in snow, it's swippery. Mommy no walk in snow, it's swippery. I get down now mommy. I go in snow".
Me "Okay gabe, i'm trying not to walk in the snow. You need to ride in the stroller right now".
Gabe: "Mommy go fast. You going slow Mommy."
Me: "Well Gabe you and Evie are heavy. I'm trying to walk as fast as i can".
"Mommy look over dere. Dere's bunny rabbit right dere! Right dere in garden!"
"Wow Gabe good eye! I don't think that's a bunny rabbit though. Maybe it's a praire dog or a ground hog. What do you think it is?"
 "Umm, probably dats a cow."
"I don't think that's a cow. It's too little to be a cow".
 "Oh. Probably dats a horse den."
 "No, it's too little to be a horse."
 "Oh. probably dats a praire dog. or maybe a groundhog. wet's go in park mommy. wet's go in park. You did a whole walk mommy. good job mommy! good job walking in park! "

He's a good motivator. And he talks the ENTIRE walk :)

pic from our hike a few weeks ago. Evie's first hike! I think everyone should hike in footie pajamas

 Gabe playing in the park today. He loves to pick up sticks and "clean" the snow.
 Gang's all here.
 Cutieface. She's into sucking on cloth things. She loves to grab burp clothes and suck on them. And she chews on her hands constantly.

Hi Mommy! This is my second outfit after another stage-10 blowout this morning! She's keeping me in the laundry business..yesterday she had 2 massive ones.


Ahn said...

wow, i have that to look forward to. no thank you.

also, gabe's hat...cutest.

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