Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Sunday. Other known as the one day i try to look nice. Except my hair is greasy-looking for some reason.
 i wish fat rolls could look this cute on me!
 TP photography

 It was 90 degrees Monday. Which was very fortunate because my baby looks FABULOUS in her tutu-bathing suit.
 Post-dog washing play. Gabe is looking SUPER please to be photographed.
 clean dogs!
 Hey look it's my birthday. I'm 27 today! I requested a carvel ice cream cake and yes I did have 2 pieces. So did Gabe. It's amazing how it's like pulling teeth to get this kid to eat meals...yet sudden;y when there's ice cream- he's starving. You're not foolin' anybody big guy. Lets just say there were some birthday spanks given out today and they weren't for me. Also, if you haven't had a carvel ice cream cake, you haven't lived. I might not be good at a lot, but i know me some ice cream. And cake. Put it together and boom, you've got pure heaven for your tastebuds.
Action shot! Do i feel any different today? Not really. It was a very nice birthday. I got flowers and a phone call from Afghanistan...then later a call from Seol  (Greg's there on business). Feelin' the international love! It was sunny and high 70s, Gabe & Evie took marvelous afternoon naps so I decided, hey it's my bday, screw chores, i'm reading. So me and my kindle had a nice date. Had a delish dinner and pretty relaxing evening. Now i'm going to bed. Hope ya'll are doing well. Thanks for all the b-day love!


Anonymous said...

love the pictures! you guys look great. hope you enjoy the flowers :) LYLC,

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