Saturday, April 14, 2012

Evening walk at 5 Rivers

 one of many huge snapping turtles we saw. They look like big floating rocks.
 Gabe enjoying the view.
 Helping Grandpa with the binoculars. 
 future sapper
 Very excited at all the wildlife spottings
 I love water!!
 Mama Goose on her nest. Daddy is nearby protecting her.
 Can you spot the muskrat? We first thought it was a baby beaver- but no paddle tail.
 It wasnt afraid of us at all...just stood their eating and didn't pay attention to us

 However, daddy goose did pay attention! I had to back up because he was getting mad at me.
 This is another Daddy goose. His mate was across the pond on the opposite bank. we first thought he was begging for food
 Then he jumped up on the dock and got up in my face. I jumped and squealed (not expecting him to jump up at me) and then Gabe cried. Haha. So we got kicked out of two locations due to protective daddy geese!
 Always happy.
 I mean look at this face!
We think that v-shape is a beaver---its lodge is to the right. I need a better lens with more zoom! Anyways it was a beautiful evening so we decided to wrap up dinner quick and head over to Five Rivers for a little walk. It's so fun seeing animals out in their own natural habitat. And it's about 5 mins away. Bonus!


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