Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Months!

Happy 8 Months to Evie!
 Babygirl is just the best! Little Miss Sunshine!
 Evie is sitting, rolling, pivoting, toy diving, chattering, laughing and trying very hard to work on crawling. She has the arms and chest up, but not quite the leg control yet. It's only a matter of time..then life as we know is over! She says "mamamama" now when she sees me and will occasionally say dada. She loves to grab things out of a pocket or pick up two toys and bang them together. She wrinkles her nose when she smiles really big and wants to be at the table in her high chair at mealtimes. She loves to try whatever were having- such as penne noodles the other night. She gnawed on about 5 of them. I keep finding her rolled onto her tummy in the crib and she still sucks her thumb when she's tired. Overall she's the happiest, sweetest baby. We love her to pieces!
 My main squeeze. This is a vintage fire truck Uncle Wesdawg dug out of his closet. It's pretty sweet since we had to leave his big fire truck in colorado.
Gabe and i had a little one-on-one date. Evie cooperated by napping so i took Gabe to story time and then we mailed some packages to Daddy and met mr. mailman. That was a big thrill. The I got Gabe a happy meal and took him over to the big town park. It was nice for a while- then when it started getting cloudy and windy we at our "picnic". Gabe actually wanted the apple slices instead of his fries and asked for "yum yum sauce" with his chicken nuggets. "yum yum sauce" is what Michael calls the Polynesian stuff at chik-fil-a. No chik-fil-a out here unfortunately. Get with it NY!
 Gabe at an easter egg hunt our MOM group put together.

Gabe & Gabby. She's his new bestie. His mom & I think they should have an arranged marriage- i mean Gabriel & Gabriella- it's perfect.


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