Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 At the trail head of Severance Mtn. 1.2 miles to the top!
 In case you were wondering, his backpack is loaded with tiger, dinosaur and froggy (his VIPS).
 He liked this tunnel a lot. It's fun to yell and echo.

 Takin a break.
 Getting a lil bit tired.
 A lady slipper
 Having some snacks at the top! It took about 1.5 hrs to get Gabe up the mountain- with a lot of coaxing!

 Look at me i did it!

 On the way back down- he liked being swung down the rocks
 Grandpa & I had to interchange carrying Gabe most of the hike down.
 The little hiker scored an ice cream bar!

 little model
Helping Uncle Wes fish!

Great weekend at the cabin- can't wait to get back up there! We certainly missed the big guy a lot though :( But were about 1/3 done with this deployment! Keep up the good work Nulkie, were so proud of you!


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