Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day 2015

 First "dipped" ice cream cones. This Dairy Queen just opened and you'd think they were giving away free iPhones with the crowds there. Evie finished her cone LIKE A BOSS. She needed no instruction. Short-attention span Gabe let a large portion of his drip down his cone. I sacrificed and helped him finish it.
 House is all bricked! They're working on removing the trash pile too.
 Evie + Wyatt well baby check ups. They're both still huge. And healthy.
 The bridge that connects Rockwall to Rowlett is exactly 2 miles long. I managed to sneak out one morning and go run it. Found the Army flag! I don't know why anyone would invest in sauna in TayHas. I felt like I ran in one. And sweated off 10 lbs. Yay for humidity! I got back sometime after 7 expecting everyone to be up and Nulkie to have bfast in full force. Ha! It was dark in the house and I heard the thumping of Nulk children feet and doors slamming while Nulkie was still sound asleep in our room. So i did what any kind, caring wife would do and sent the kids into our room to attack!
 We went to the pool all three days of Labor day weekend. I mean, why wouldn't we?

 This storage is MONEY! Can fit all soccer/pool/baby paraphernalia no problem. Ya'll can hate, but we're big fans of functionality. Team Odyssey right here.
 Here is our barn-door, pinterest-inspired baby gate for the new house. Reclaimed wood from pallets Nulkie commandeered from Tom Thumb.
 Unlike pinterest predicts, this took all weekend. Not "just a day" project. Yes it was pretty simple- but it required sanding, cutting, measuring, hardware-purchasing, staining and more sanding. All while keeping our kids happy and not dying from heat exhaustion in the garage. I personally think it came out super cute. It's very "Fixer Upper" style, which is basically my favorite. And I'm planning a pilgrimage to Waco sometime this year. And become BFFs with the Gaines family.   Thanks for the help (and almost all construction) Hubby!
 We may or may not have run out of swimmy diapers and have been taking Wyatt to the pool in just his bathing suit. #Goingrogue. It's pretty easy to tell when he's about to drop some bombs over baghdad so we just keep a stiff eye out. So far no turds in the pool!
 Those Nulk children love to photobomb. This is waiting to head out to the pool. I think sunscreen application is my least favorite part of going to the pool. Lathering up my pale children is like trying to give a cat a bath. And I strongly dislike cats. The spray sunscreen is even worse- they act like I just poured acid all over their bodies. Wyatt starts screaming as soon as you walk towards him with the sunscreen tube. Sometimes Nulkie & I wait till 6pm and just go to the pool for 30 mins to avoid sunscreen application. Go ahead, judge away. No burns yet.  Only 2 weekends left till they close it. Which makes sense because it's still at daily high of 98 degrees. Better close it down before temps plummet to the frigid 80s!! <---- 3="" a="" all="" and="" are="" baby="" built="" day="" gate.="" great.="" had="" he="" homemade="" hope="" lawn="" made="" moving="" mowed="" much="" nbsp="" nulkie="" on="" p="" pizza.="" pleasant="" pretty="" rockstar.="" s="" sarcasm.="" the="" too="" waffles="" weekends="" you=""> 


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