Tuesday, September 29, 2015

That's a Wrap!

This past weekend Gabe was playing quietly in his room..so we thought. He comes out into the family room with a proud grin on his face and says "Hey guess what, I made something. A story. All about Yoda!". You can read his masterpiece below. I especially love his observation that Yoda has "hand lightening". Team Star Wars Episode VII around here folks.
His handwriting is actually improving quite a bit. (no sarcasm). Gabe doesn't like to slow down to write legibly, but his teacher this year is a big stickler on handwriting (amen) so his chicken scratch is becoming  readable! Sorry buddy, my handwriting is nothing to write home about either. Punny.

In other Nulk news,  we are wrapping up September in fine form. I actually have some boxes packed for our big move 5 miles West into OUR NEW HOUSE!!! Every morning I wake up hoping the packing fairies came and packed my house up, but alas they just don't come! What's up with that? So I've had to start packing with my big helper Evie ;).  Because we have the pending move and Wyatt was Mr. Chill Pill, we've done extremely minimal (read: None) baby proofing. Now that were amidst another move (with junk everywhere), he's decided to transform overnight into Mobile Man with Power Crawling capabilities.

  WyWy's favorite things to do of late: play in dog water and spill entire contents of bowl. Slam all doors shut. Open all cabinets. Remove all magnets from fridge. Chase all balls around the house. Slam dryer door shut while I'm removing/folding clothes. Play with (pull out) all night lights. Get into Gabe's room. Pull Winston's ears/tail/face/eyes/jowls with total ecstasy. Crawl under things (the train table) and get stuck. Crawl towards kids swinging at the park. Crawl in the soccer field during practice and or games. Commandeer all electronic devices- iPhones are his Holy Grail.  Wave night night with both hands in the most adorable way. Try to rip off all glasses. Play "ball" with you. Grab floor lamps and attempt to crush himself with them. Giggle at animal noises- especially gorilla.

 This explains my recent lack of blogging. Pretty much the only safe place with him is the play room with the stairs barricaded. Or in his crib. Thankfully he's still a sweet lil napper- 2 solids a day. Soccer is a bit more challenging- he  only wants to sit in his stroller for so long and then starts fussing to crawl around. Lets just say, baby proofing will be a big priority when we move in the new place. We've already picked out hardware for the kitchen cabinets and built the baby gate.

I'll take my baby size Extra Large please. 
What Mom? I'm just petting him.

Hittin' the bottle early
This is while waiting in the car pick up line at Gabe's school. Mom can I have some of your lip gloss? 

 Team Diamonds. So far she's stopped chewing on her jersey during games, now she pulls it up over her head so the ball goes by her and she doesn't even see it. Little stinker. She's pretty good at dribbling the ball- when there's no one against her. She does not like the mob of girls out there.

 Swing time at Yellowjacket park.
 Daddy snuggles while eating a pizza crust.

 Evie LightYear. She's deciding between being Buzz or Cinderella for Halloween. It's a tough choice: Cinderella has light up shoes but Buzz has gloves and wings. Gabe wants to be a Knight with a light saber. Wyatt will wear something of Gabe's that's probably too big for him. #thridchild.
 We had a lovely lice scare at Evie's school. She didn't get it (so far) but I did a Nix treatment as a precaution. Made us feel itchy all day!
 When Daddy hold's Wyatt he gets doused with water and then a baby mohawk.
 Beautiful evening walk sunday night.

 Picnic at the park with Wyatt & Evie and some new friends yesterday!
Evie this morning at school drop off. She just looked ridiculously cute. I know I have a much higher volume of pics of Evie & Wyatt than Gabe. I'm just with the other two a lot more! Gabe's the big, busy first grader. He's doing great! Made the move to his new school seamlessly and already has new friends.

Alright Wyatt is napping so off to chores I must go. Hippety hop. Hopefully a closing date is lurking around the corner….;)


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