Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Soccer Saturdays

 Cuteness alert: Evie & her soccer team at their first game.  This Saturday marked the beginning of soccer games. Every saturday. For 10 weeks straight. I think at the end of the season i'll want a t-shirt that says: I Survived Soccer Season. But so far so good. In fact, after being at soccer games/fields (on opposite ends of the YMCA property) for 3 hrs straight Mike & I hopped (dragged all the children) into the van and just said to each other, "that was so much fun"! And it really was! Especially followed by a nice cold pumpkin beer and a nap. It might still be in the 90s here, but I will have fall!!
 Here's how pictures can be deceiving- Evie looks like she's nailing soccer right here. In reality, I think this is the one time she actually kicked the ball during the game. Mike: Evie what was your favorite part of your soccer game? Evie: The snacks.

Haha we're just happy she went out on the field without crying. Little girl emotions are a thing. She doesn't quite understand the concept of the game and kept exclaiming "I can't get the ball with all these girls around me!" So her strategy was to stand back and chew on her jersey while watching all the other girls do the work. But she was FIRST in line for the post-game snacks. oh well, YOLO.
This guy. Proud member of the Blue Sharks. He did great! I think he was smiling the whole game and he loved it. It helps that two of his best buds are on the team with him. He did a good job hustling and even got in the fight for the ball a few times. He's also great at encouraging his teammates. Mike was hoarse after the game from all his yelling (self-appointed assistant coaching) and cheering.
Bless him. Halfway through Evie's game when Mike had already left with Gabe for his game, Wyatt starting crying (nap time) and Evie simultaneously realized Daddy and Gabe had left and started whining. So I had to walk Wyatt around while trying to calm Evie down (I sweat a lot). Finally after 15 mins of "strollering", Wyatt succumbed to exhaustion and took a solid 45 min nap amidst all the chaos. It pretty much rocked my world. Such a good baby.
Evie needs to learn how to relax.
Post soccer game swim. Mom, put me in the pool. And I hate these girly ladybugs

Ah, there we go.  We were the only brave souls at the pool- it's actually cooling down a bit. Or we're becoming total weenies. Probably the latter.
Wyatt in the camping (birthing) chair.  Sunday evening was delightful so we picked up a pizza and headed to the park to play soccer and picnic.

Wyatt really likes picking up balls and holding them near his forehead. Maybe he's practicing for future free-throws.
Evie's outfit choice for school  yesterday. Ballerina Cowgirl
Since being a sibling is a competitive sport, Gabe immediately wanted his picture taken too. He tied those shoes himself. Boo-frigging-yah. He also picks up all the dog poop in the backyard, so he's pretty much my favorite kid ever.
My passé.

That's all. This weekend Evie & Gabe have games at the exact same time so Mike & I have to split up and flip a coin for who gets Wyatt. We also should probably start packing up for our pending move. House has electricity now and should be getting flatwork done!


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