Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Santa Fe National Forest

So there are extraverts (recharge around people) and introverts (recharge quietly/alone). I'm adding another "vert"…a "naturevert". Michael & I both recharge being in the raw natural beauty of God's creation. Let me tell you, we came away tremendously refreshed after a day spent in the Sango De Christo Mountains among the aspen groves. 
 The aspens were in their full glory. When in person, the trees actually look neon, iridescent yellow. The color cannot be captured by film, just like a picture of a Queen Angelfish can't do it justice. You just have to be there to see the shimmering leaves and azure sky to experience the total beauty of it.

 Wyatt fell asleep on the drive up which was gift for all of us ;). He let Mommy (Me) just sit and relax rather than force-feed him a tube of baby food . Or goldfish.
 I was afraid us wimpy Texans would be cold, but we ended shedding layers it was so pleasant outside.

 Family photo of all 5! With Wyatt's face! #winning

 These pictures make my need to move back to mountains almost palpable!
 I took this exact picture of Gabe back when he was 18mths old…at this exact spot. And the aspens were this glorious that time too!
 Gabe decided to examine an Aspen leaf during this family pic
 Evie taking care of Wyatt. Spotted: her new turquoise barrettes I scored at Balloon Fiesta and her new boots from Nana. Thanks Nana!!
 Why so serious WyWy?? Cuz it's NAPTIME MOM! I BE HANGRY!!

 In other news, Nulkie & I both purchased new hats.

 This return trip home was sponsored by Apple Products. #angrybirds

Wyatt fell asleep the LAST 10 mins of the flight. As soon as we landed in Texas we all started sweating. The kids did great, really. We went from traveling to a walk-through of our house and they were troopers. Moving day is really really soon! So I really have to go pack while baby is napping. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!!

Hope you all had enjoyable Columbus (I will always call it this) Day weekends as well. #ColumbusDay4Ever


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