Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pack a lack

 What's the haps with the Nulks you ask? Pack pack pack pack PACK. Clean/stage rental. Pack again. Move all packed boxes to stage/clean rental. Repeat x a million. And now guess what I'm doing? Packing for a trip! Us Nulks be crazy.
 Meanwhile, the Tiger cubs got themselves a studly den leader. Check out that beard!
Why so serious Gabe? Because he didn't want to raise his middle finger because that's bad. #parentingwin
He earned his Bobcat badge last night. He came home all proud and sweaty and goes, "Mom I got a surprise for you. My bobcat badge! Can you sew it on? Can you sew it on? It's needs to be sewn on, can you sew it on?" Me: Gabe I'll sew it on later. Go shower! 
 Evie had Wear Texas Flag Colors/ Dress Like A Cowgirl Day at Preschool. No i'm not joking. This is the best we could do. What you can't see well are the braids. You know you're a mom of a girl when you YouTUBE how to dutch-girl brands. THANKS FROZEN.
Evie at breakfast: Mom these braids are like Annas! But Elsa has one braid. Not two.
 Me: #&%^&^#!! Elsa (in my head). What I really said was: Your hair isn't long enough.

Actually Elsa has helped us accept certain things, like not everything in life must be pink. Case in point, at her preschool orientation Evie was assigned a blue pencil box. Insert her need for an epic whine session. I quickly went for the Frozen interception and said it was the color of Elsa's dress. Evie's response: Elsa's dress is turquoise Mom, not blue. Welcome to my life. So sassy, those Nulk children. I don't where they get it!
You can see WyWy back there making a beeline for the dog bowl.

In other news, we've going on a mini-trip to New Mexico for Balloon Fiesta 2015! I'm currently avoiding packing myself right now while blogging! I hate packing for myself. I can handle the kiddos/carry-ons like a boss. But me? I'm an emotional dresser (my mother in-law taught me that) and I can't decide what I'll be feeling like wearing. Ridiculous? Probably. On our one direct flight to ABQ we have a row of 3 seats and then a single seat across the aisle. My suggestion? Nulkie gets the 3-seater row with Gabe, Evie & Wyatt on his lap and I'll take one for the team and sit by myself across the way. Then I can pretend they're not my kids and make annoyed, irritated, condescending faces. Oh heavens, who has three kids these days? Are they Amish? Why are they so large? I wish those parents would make them behave. Then i'll sip my drink and read my book and catch up on my correspondence. L-to the O to the L !!! Actually we voted Gabe gets the loner seat with Wyatt on his lap. It's gonna be JUST fine.

Okay I must actually go pack/clean for the next showing of our rental that is apparently happening in a few hours. Just got the call.  Pray these people want to rent because then we don't have to double pay. And can have more money for important things like SHIPLAP and Pendant lights! #fixerupperforlife


Andrea C. said...

Hey! I found your blog! So fun... and yes, I totally agree that shiplap and pendant lights are important. :) #fixerupperfan

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