Thursday, October 29, 2015

To Build a House

 Our lot!
 Day we bought the lot. This was back in March!
 Being staked out for slab to be poured
 Selections at the design center. This company changes up what they offer frequently. When we were picking our floor plan our sales rep had a sample of a white cabinet option for kitchens. When we arrived at the design center a few days later the company no longer offered white cabinets! I had literally planned my entire kitchen around white cabinets, so I had to quickly regroup.
 I rallied and Nulkie & I selected a nice knotty alder with a light stain. Our only other difficult choice was the flooring. I was set on wood floors but this company would not warranty wood floors in the kitchen (lame) so we finally agreed on a tile which in the end were totally in love with!

 Slab poured in May amidst the entire of month of rain.

 Sticks go up!
 This was a very exciting day, finally able to visualize our house!
 Sheet rock, windows and roof
 Future kitchen

 Bricking the exterior

 Garage doors
 Cabinet/counter install. This took awhile: incorrect cabinets were ordered for the farmhouse sink which delayed things about 3 weeks.
 Staked out for the flatwork to be poured. This sat staked out for 10 days before the inspections were passed/what we agreed upon was fixed.
 Incorrect backsplash trim piece.
 Corrected trim piece
 Sink/counter install
 Tile! It's really fabulous.

 Still waiting on the flatwork to fixed
 *Angels singing*
 Driveway! You can see they compromised and extended it a bit farther adding additional driveway footage/ basketball court space.
 Carpet install!
 The kids approved
 Correct lighting in place
 Almost done, waiting on landscaping.
Done. Waiting on final clean. I need to snap some current pics of the driveway all power-washed!
We closed last thursday and what a whirlwind it's been. We are THRILLED with the house. It's really a deep desire come to fruition. We feel so blessed by the opportunity to build this house together. Alright i'll write more about it later- more unpacking to do!


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