Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day & Gabe's first hike

So this was my first Mother's Day as an actual mom! It's a pretty cool feeling, Gabe is truly a wonderful gift. He's such a good baby, we brought him to the early church service and he slept through the whole thing. What a team player. Later today we went on a hike to this creek about 10 mins from home. It's great because the dogs can run free, swim, chase ducks (not coyotes!) and have a grand old time. Gabe is so big now, he fits in the baby bjorn facing outward with it folded down! I remember when Michael carried him around in it facing the other way and his head and feet barely peeked out the top and bottom. This kid already loves the outdoors- he's wide-eyes and cooing and squealing the whole time! We can't wait to take a hike with daddy :) Here's a few pics of Gabe & I with the flowers my brothes sent and the tulips michael sent me! Also a few pics from the hike and some beautiful blossoming trees. Enjoy!


Carolyn said...

Glad you had a happy first mother's day - you look great and we can't wait to see you and Gabe again in NM in June. Your parents look like naturals as grandparents too!


Carolyn & Ron

Grant and Ahn said...

lauralz, you are such a gorgeous mom. love the pics. happy mother's day (a little late). -ahn

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