Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uncle time!

Gabers has met all his uncles in the past month! He met Uncle Brian and the future aunt Christina during our new mex visit which was a blast. Then Uncle Wes (aka Uncle Bomb) came along for the long drive back to NY. Finally the first weekend home Uncle Greg & Uncle Matthew came to visit! I think it was the first baby all 4 uncles had really held for any length of time. It's pretty fun to watch all thier different reactions, and Gabe's response to them. Gabe & i are settled in nicely back in NY. It is soo nice to be home! The days fly by which is what i need, cuz we sure miss Michael a ton. Hopefully 3 months till we see him for R & R, we can't wait!


Anonymous said...

How fun for all the Unc's to meet Gabriel! He's pretty patient at teaching them. Isn't it cute that they all couldn't wait to meet him? If the Uncles are any indication, Gabriel will be a heart breaker some day!

You're right, the New Mex visit really was a blast. We miss everyone...yeah, even Bella and Winston!
Granny Nulk

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention future AUNT TZ! hahaha. looks like matt was trying to do a power clean with gabe...might want to make sure matt has worked out before holding him from now on...

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