Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Island and cereal

We had an awesome Memorial weekend in Long Island! The weather was fabulous and Gabe and the dogs did amazing. Bella actually let people pet her and they swam in the sound and ran on the beach. Gabe had his first ferry ride. Note I dressed him in his ferry onesie for this momentous occasion. He basically slept through the whole thing...and some lady asked Wes if it was his baby. Awkward! We took walks, played games, ate delicious food and relaxed. The huge score of the weekend was the jumparoo my mom found at a garage sale. They usually go for around $80 new and my mom got it for $15! Gabe loves it, he can stand, jump and dance to the music it plays. It's a wonderful new place to stick him.

This Tuesday was Gabe's first meal of cereal. It went okay, he didn't spit it all out, but i think more ended up on his face that in his mouth! After about 10 or 15 mins he;s had enough and wants his bottle. I think i've gotten about 1 oz down per feeding. He's seems a little fussy with it thought, i think I'm going to try the oatmeal and see if that agrees better. Anyways he still chugs his bottle like a champ and takes 6-7 oz per feeding. Here are some cute pics of Gabe with food all over his face. We miss you and love you Michaels. We'll take Gabe to play in the sand with you over mid-tour :) Look at how tall your son is already! He's half the size of my Grandma!


Anonymous said...

wow, you guys look like your having a blasty blast. gabe always looks like he's trying so hard to keep his domepiece up while on his tummy. and that bouncer thing is AWESOME. it'll really help him to build muscle strength in his legs and learn how to stand i think. rock on.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel is almost too pretty to be a boy...a little bit like his Daddy! I'm sure he'll master the art of solid food before long. After all he is a Nulk!! Love the tummy time picture. So glad the Great Grand-Ps got to meet him!!
Granny Nulk

Carolyn & Ron said...

Wow, cool great nephew with big blue eyes - can't wait to see him again!

Carolyn & Ron

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