Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second New Mex trip

Gabe & I adventured out to New Mex for the second time in 3 mths to attend Danny & Rose' wedding and see the Nulk fam. Aside from the most stressful plane rides of my life the trip was a great success! Gabe did wonderful, smiling, blowing raspberries and laughing up a storm. He was rolling a bit too, and trying to eat his feet. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ron hadn't seen him since 10 days old, so they were pretty amazed at his development. He also met Uncle Bill for the first time, albeit it was a brief encounter. Congrats to Danny & Rose who had a beautiful wedding and fun reception. We wish you all the best! Marriage is a lot of work but it has tons of pay off! I can't wait to get my hubby back! Gabe was my studly date- he did great during both events, even danced a bit with the grandparents! We obviously missed our favorite Nulkie (love ya michaels!) but the two bros did a great job of helping out and including Gabe & I. Thanks everyone for a great trip- hopefully next time I'll have my Nulk with me so we don't have to keep explaining that Gabe isn't someone else's baby (aka Matthew or Brian's)! Michael here are some pics for you to enjoy. PS Happy Late Father's Day and 24th. We'll celebrate properly in 53 days. I sat behind 3 soldiers coming to Albany for their r & r and i got so excited that you'll be doing the Atalanta-ny flight very soon! The flight attendant was a shameless flirt with the joes, she hooked them up with free beer and snacks, and when she sat in one of their laps i said to her, "i hope my husband doesn't get you on his flight to Albany because i want to be the first blonde that sits in his lap!" She found that hilarious and asked your name so she could make sure she didn't. So basically watch out for a flight attendant named Dixie! x0x0


Anonymous said...

I told you i read your blog every week and you told me to leave you a comment the next tim i did so i am. Thank you for coming to our wedding we were so happy u came. Matt was so lucky to have the hottest date for the rehearsal dinner=) Hope you and mike have a great time in 53 days for his R and R hope to see you soon

Rose and Danny

PS the comment says anonymous but you know its me=)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a blasty blast. Wish i could have been there shakn' it with you. Love~hubby

Anonymous said...

Ron and I had a great time and I miss Gabers to death! You are doing great Laurie and we all love having you, even though we miss Michael too!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. We had so much fun with Laurie and Gabriel. Not to mention all the others. I miss my little Gabriel greeting me with his great big, mostly toothless smile! Keep up the good work Laurie. It was so nice of you to come all the way to NM to visit.
Love, Granny Nulk

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