Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New high chair

So my mom had another fabulous garage sale find- a virtually new high chair! It has lots of bells and whistles too. I scrubbed it up and Gabe fits in it nicely...he actually looks small in it, which is unusual for him. So here are some recent cute pics i took of him eating. Some of his expressions are priceless over this new oatmeal texture! Also, here is a pic from our hike this weekend. We're sitting with the "lupen" flower that was supposed to be blooming everywhere but we only spotted a couple. And here's Gabe holding his own bottle! The little genius! He usually stops holding after a few mins though, why hold it when someone else will? Michael I bought that silly bib thinking of you :) We love you!


Anonymous said...

haha, he looks like grandpa nulk does when he eats...food everywhere! you guys look great. love, Michael

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to feed the little man...then we'll really see how much of a mess he can make.--mike

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