Sunday, June 28, 2009

SAPPER Updates

Captain Shaw (Mike's new company commander) sends out weekly updates about the company. I think they're wonderful! It's so great to be given info about how our guys are i decided to cut and paste them on here so you all can enjoy! Here's the latest news:

28 June – JSS Nasar Wa Salam
This past week SAPPER Company made use of the smalls arms range that we have on the JSS and took the time to zero and qualify a majority of the Soldiers. With temperatures hovering around 115 degrees, we spent two days out on the range, making sure all the Sappers were qualified. As the saying goes, “train as you fight” and we certainly did. As missions do not stop over here because of the heat, we kept on training, keeping an eye on all the Soldiers and making sure we had plenty of water and ice.
Red platoon returned to the JSS after completing their mission at CP Taji. Working with the civilians from MANTCH, Red platoon took six route clearance vehicles, repaired them and drove them to CP Liberty. Along with SGT Wienke, and PV2 Xiong, LT Nulk will be moving these vehicles around CP Liberty in order to get various upgrades completed in the shortest amount of time so we can begin training, and then on to using that equipment for missions. We are trying to anticipate a mission change for Red platoon. Although we do not have any official word, we have to make sure they are trained and the equipment is ready to move for when we get the call.
We have had a few dust storms in the last two weeks. The first one two weeks ago, caused us to cancel our missions. White platoon could barely see the road they were trying to clear. After a mile we had them go back to Liberty (where they started) and prepare for the next night instead. Not uncommon to have dust storms over, it is one of the many reasons we require all Soldiers to were eye protection when outside.
In the coming week CPL Ngov and SPC Salacieli will be at the Citizenship Ceremony being held at the Al Faw Palace on CP Liberty. Later that same day we are planning another BBQ here at the JSS. 1SG has already been trying to get hamburgers and steak for the entire company.
Hope you are all doing well at home. Have a Happy 4th of July. SAPPERS!
CPT Pete Shaw


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