Monday, June 8, 2009

Bye bye Bandog

As I'm sure you all know, Mike has officially left Bandog company and is now the sapper XO for the Engineer company (his address is the same but change the "B" to "E" on all your boxes and letters..etc.) He has done a fantastic job leading his platoon for almost 13 mths and I'm sure they are all sorry to see him go. We are so proud of him over here! I remember when he was given this platoon they told him he'd probably only keep it for about 3 mths and here we are over a year later! That just goes to show you how hard work pays off and what a great leader he is! We are both excited for him to be in an actual Engineer company, and we'd appreciate all your continued prayer and support as he takes on this new challenge.
In other news, we opened the cabin for the season this weekend. My cousin Luke came up from Buffalo to help my Dad put in the dock. Greg & Wes also came, so it was fun to have the gang together again. It made me that much more excited to have Michael there again, who was very much missed. The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we laid in the sun, walked a bit, some of us braver people actually jumped in the water! Gabers had a great time and the dogs were in paradise.

The pics are: Mike with the Bandog officers at our company Christmas party. Gabers at the cabin, gabe with Luke, gabe in his new child carrier, a view of the Lakehouse from across the cove, Winsty swimming in Paradox lake during our walk, and a beautiful butterfly I was able to get a pic of! We LOVE you Michaels!


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