Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R & R

Yay, together again!

Daddy & Gabe out for adk style pizza

Daddy feeding Gabe....i think more got in his mouth than on his face :)

The day Daddy arrived!!! Yay!

Photo shoot in the adks!

Ring ceremony

Well R & R happened....I've never seen 15 days go by so fast! It was hard to say goodbye again but we had such a wonderful time! Michael is safely back at his post once again ready to finish out. At least this time were on the downward slope...only 4.5 mths to go.

Here are some pics from our vacation. We just relaxed, swam, took boat rides, played with Gabe, ate! Ring weekend was a bonus to see all the Nulk-side family. It was so fun and a blessing for all of us to see so many people. We felt very loved and appreciate everything everyone did for us. My favorite was seeing Gabe adn his daddy together again. It was so sweet to see them interact and get to know each other again! I can't wait till we get Daddy back for good, he's a natural :) Gabe is rolling across the room now and trying to drag himself as well. I think crawling is just around the corner...which i'm not entirely sure I'm prepared for.


Anonymous said...

Ditto, thanks to everyone for the love and support.
Laurie, I also had an absolutely wonderful time. You and Gabriel are beautiful and so much fun to be with.

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