Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gabe is 8 mths!

Gabe loves to roll across the entire family room now. I had to move out the coffee table because he kept rolling under it!

Bella & Winsty lay on the floor and sniff Gabe while he rolls. Gabe always tries to grab at their ears and noses. He loves them, totally lights up when one of the dogs comes over to sniff his face, it's really cute. He's started to clap now...i havent caught it on camera, but he occasionally will do it.

He's starting to stand up alone (with a little help from the chair)

These are adorable overalls my friend Sonja has bought for Gabe...they're 18mth! He's a big boy!

We both saw Michael on the webcam this morning which was a real treat! He looks great! Gabe was fascinated with watching his daddy on the screen....he smiled, stuck his tongue out, cooed and babbled to him. It was the most I've ever seen Gabe interact with Michael on the webcam. Michael is officially back at CP Liberty and setting up his company really well. He acquired decent housing (PODS=better than a tent) and set up a command center. Were hoping sapper co. can finish up their tour at CP Liberty rather than have to move again. We'll see. Love ya Michaels! xoxo Almost 4 mths left :)


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