Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sad news


Yesterday I received a call from Afghanistan from a very close friend. At first I was so excited to talk to him, I didn't realize he was calling to relay some horrible news...that Tyler Parten was killed by insurgents on Sept. 10. I was shocked! Tyler was a close buddy of Michael & mine. I believe he and Mike met during summer training before their cow year. Tyler and Mike hit it off and naturally I met him as I visited Michael as much as I could! All three of us got along great...Tyler and I got a long a little too great for Micheal's taste :) but they still remained buddies. Tyler was unable to attend our wedding because he was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his brother Daniel (who is in Matthew's class at West Point). He called us from Africa on our wedding day to congratulate us! I'll never forget that. He was a true "Renaissance man" as Micheal described him- good at everything he did and well-liked by everybody. I will truly miss him. We have lost a great solider and friend...please keep his family in your prayers. If you have a loved one in the military...this is your worst nightmare. I can't imagine how devastated his family is. I know he was a wonderful brother and son, extraordinarily close to his family. I had just talked to Tyler online last's hard to believe he's gone. Goodbye Tyler, may you rest in peace.



Mary Nulk said...

May God rest his soul...

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