Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This past Saturday we went to Waco, TX. I had a dress fitting scheduled and we decided to head up early and check out some of the attractions. We ended up at the Texas Ranger Museum first. It was had lots of guns and rifles which Michael was pretty pumped about it. We saw who shot Bonnie & Clyde. Then we went to Buzzard Billy's for lunch. The food was nothing to write home about-- but the view was delightful. We sat outside on the elevated deck overlooking the Brazos River. For texas, this was prime waterfront real estate. In the rive below there were probably a couple hundred turtles waiting for scraps. We threw down some french fries which excited Gabe. He enjoyed drinking pink lemondae and flirting with the waitresses!

Today we celebrated Nulkie's second Father's day. It was fun to spoil him in person this time! I made him the apron he's modeling. It was my first attempt at sewing with a pattern...i'm not ecstatic with the results but Nulkie is so i guess that's all that matters. My lines look a bit like I have parkinsons..but i think i'm improving. Yes i did whip up those chili-pepper napkins in honor of father's day. Just call me Martha Stewart.

Gabe LOVES his Daddy!! I'm chopped liver when he's around! Gabe gave him a #1 Dad cup to prove it! :)
We hit up the pool and Gabe had a great time splashing around..and stealing Daddy's sunglasses!

Yesssss...more birds! We found this baby bird on the patio when we got back from the pool. It thought Michael was it's mother and kept opening it's beak for food. He put it up in the gutter so Bella wouldn't destroy it. I'm telling you we are bird magnets this summer!


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