Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandparent's visit!

 My parent's flew in last friday and conveniently the army had given Nulkie a 4-day weekend so we picked up my parents around 945 am in st. louis and hit up the free zoo. It was sunny and  low 60s...perfect weather for animal watching. Last time we went it was mobbed and all Gabe wanted to see was the hippos. This time it was less packed and Gabe wanted to see pelicans and rhinos. We took him to see both!
 In the butterfly aviary
 Sunning ourselves on the lovely beetle sculpture.
 Family pic...and you can see a hint of the bump that is forming. Some days it seems bigger than others...yes i'm totally wearing maternity clothes. I'd just rather be comfortable at this point.

 petting a hippo head
He is the king of hearts! This shirt arrived in a super sweet valentine's package from Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Ron...thanks guys! It's perfect!
 Chillin' at the park on Nulkie's lunch break. The temp dropped to a high in the low was a bit nippy.
 giving daddy a horsey ride. gabe will go ask Micheal "horsey ride" "mount". then he climbs on Michael and rides around the house. Or he gives one to daddy :)
 Gabe is talking non-stop now. I call him my parrot. He copies everything i say. I think he learns 50 new words a day! He is also saying the alphabet and counting to ten by himself. He even reads letters off clothes and books now! His memory is amazing...he'll mention the name of a friend he hasn't seen in months. Last night i was feeding Gabe dinner and he suddenly starts saying "crab, crab crab" over and over. I didn't really know what he was talking about until i saw the spider crawling on the napkin holder. He thought it looked like a crab. SO naturally i squealed a few times...but i manned up and smashed it. After i threw it out i said to Gabe..."yucky spider". so the whole rest of the time he kept saying "yukyspider..eeh eeh eh" mimicking my squealing noises! Little stinker!
Fish face!

We had a great week with my parents. It flew by...i can't wait for the day they are actually driving distance away! Gabe had a blast with the extra attention and loves being with Grandma and Pop Pop... i enjoyed having a bit of a break. Nulkie had class everyday, but he was released early a lot and came home for lunch. Were working on planning a big RV trip this summer...should be awesome! Hope life is good with all of you...we excited to begin March and have sunnier, warmer weather.


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