Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things to do on a snow day...

 You should definitely go sledding in your backyard...while letting the doggies run free. I mean no one is on the roads when there's 4 inches of snow! Panic!!

 Cheeky liked sledding for awhile...until he face planted in the snow!

 You should absolutely teach your 2 yr old to eat snow. But not they yelllow snow (or "lellow" as Gabe calls it)

 Dress up in your hubby's extra snow gear and go sledding with the baby.
 Action shot!
 Look at that directional skill. That's from years of sledding at Normanside!

 Nulkie enjoys being out in the snow more than anyone i know!
 You should dress your dogs in their cute sweaters and roll around the the snow with them
 You should make home-made decadent hot chocolate. Mine was even better than this picture. I'm talking whole milk, sugar, cocoa and vanilla extract. Topped off with whipped cream and you've got some delish stuff right there.
 You should go find a better hill (unplowed road) and sled there.
 My personal fav pic of the day. Happy baby and daddy.
 Getting doughnuts after sledding is a must do. Fortunately we have a doughnut joint right outside post! We even let cheeky have his own :).
I was blamed for the doughnut run as a "preggers craving". But i only ate 1 doughnut. HUbby had about triple that! 
You should totally ignore the piles of laundry everywhere and snuggle up with your hubby and watch an afternoon flick instead. Who cares about laundry? It's always winning anyways! Hope you;re all having a pleasant wed., we sure are over here on snow day #2. 


Laurie and Mike said...

don't ever get the stinkn' dog sweaters...ridiculous!!!!!

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