Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hiking the engineer trail Saturday morning, followed by an outstanding brunch :)

 Being a ham at breakfast

 Prettiest bouquet of flowers i have EVER had! They are completely gorgeous! Well done Nulkie!!

 Me and my lil' Valentine!
 See what i mean? From every angle these flowers are sooooo stunning. I love them.
 The Johnstons! Beefcakes (aka Brian) is Nulkie's best bud. His wife is an army nurse stationed in Ft. Bragg. They've been separated 3 years now (thumbs down) but are finally getting stationed together this summer! Yay! So anyways we finally met her this weekend during her visit. It was really fun! Gabe loves "manda" and "uncle mian"
 Look at my pretty blue eyes!


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