Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 1 Year!

 Gabers face
Michael's been home one year today! Wow that went fast. And it's a blizzard/ice storm so Nulkie has the day off! Wahoo! And I actually have a dinner plan! It's a good day!
This is Gabe last friday at a mexican restaurant called El Jimador. We put him in his drug rug to feel the authentic Mexican culture. Very classy. Actually it was nice to get out of the house considering Gabe & i have been hermits the last 2 weeks.  Were all finally recovering from our colds, although Michael & I still have to blow our noses a lot. But no more fevers! Baby #2 is good..about the size of a lemon now! Were getting excited to find out the gender. Michael thinks it's another boy which he's pumped about. I can't decide myself. Gabe says "sister" or "brother" depending on his mood. Well that's about all that's new here. March is when we find out the gender and where were going to next...so we hope feb. goes as fast as Jan. did! Should be fun with family visiting and Nulkie starting grad classes.


Ahn said...

oh my gosh. the drug rug is the best thing i've ever seen on a child.

Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

laurie jr. laurie jr. laurie jr.

Kara said...

I love Gabe's hair!

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