Thursday, July 7, 2011

35/36 weeks!

 Yikes! Is there a bun in the oven? Or mayhap a loaf of bread?
 My view these days. It took a lot of effort and baby-smooshing to paint those toes. I think I'll go get a professional pedi next time!

35 weeks! Or 36 depending who you talk to. According to our early ultrasounds our due date should be August 4th (which i am mentally and emotionally attached to). BUT the dr. and nurse came up with August 10th based off made up dates and decided to go with that since it's not a 2-week difference from what the ultrasound said. Lame. Makes no sense to me. Anyhow either way you slice it, I'm pretty much looking at a month left. And recently my best bud in Texas had her second baby at 37 weeks which I think is a SPLENDID idea! Hear that Evie? In about 2 weeks you are welcome to make your arrival!! I promise to fatten you up outside the womb! Milk tastes way better. And you'll have more room to move since you're maxing out my belly!


Anonymous said...

Love the bump!!

Bridget said...

i have gotten 2 pedis in the last few weeks and they are DIVINE. i'm so not a pedi girl but really, how do you paint the toes past the big belly?! impossible. its a necessity.

you look great!

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