Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our morning

 Bedtime stories with daddy and tiger. I told him to smile but he wouldn't smile at the camera. Oh well you get the idea.
We decided to head down to the river this morning and let the dogs swim/ run around since they haven't been walked in awhile. It's 100 degrees and 80% humidity so preggo is just not interested in walking the doggies. I feel bad i'm neglecting them...but at least we rewarded them this morning!

 Ah, the Big Piney. Aka the Big Hiney.
 Gabe fell in about 30 secs after wading into the water. Then he ate half my bagel and downed a yogurt.

 going out to the "big rock"
That's a happy winsty face!
37 weeks! Booyah..get this baby out!! Nulkie calls me the "Preganator". Then he'll go to me "whoa you look huge today!" He's so supportive :)
 forced dunking
 The Bella Squish
 Happy doggies
 looking for shells
Double thumbs up dude!


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