Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I'm looking forward to...

Can you remember when Gabe with this tiny? I feel like i blinked and he was 12 pounds!

I'm down to the (hopefully) final 2 weeks till Evie arrives. Needless to say, Michael & I can hardly wait to meet her! We're tired of imagining what she'll look like and just want to hold her already! Some things I'm looking forward to this time...

**I'm looking forward to a VBAC. I've heard the recovery is much better for baby & mother. No drugs making us both sleepy and nauseous! Amen! No scar, no long stay at the hospital. Immediate bonding with baby. We ask for your prayers on this because i am nervous about labor and pain. Pray for a successful and healthy delivery, especially with no uterine rupture. That's the big danger of a VBAC.
**I'm looking forward to seeing her face. I've had this blank faceless baby dressed in purple in my mind for so long...i can't wait to see what she actually looks like! Will she look like Gabe with a cherubic face? Or be more olive-skinned with brown eyes like me?
** Cheek-kissing! I just couldn't get enough of Gabe's fat little cheekers...still cant. Somehow amidst all his growth spruts and lankyness...he managed to keep his chubby cheeks! Can't wait to see if baby sister follows suit!
**I've been staring at these adorable outfits: pink and purple and green and white. I cannot wait to see her in all the frilly, dainty, grily items we've been blessed with! From knitted hats, headbands, lacy socks and ruffle-butt onsies! It's all so fun and different from Gabe's infant wardrobe!
** I'm looking forward to attemping breastfeeding again. I know how disappointed i was when Gabe & I didn't click,, but i hope my mental state will be much better at trying it this time.
** Speaking of mental state- I'm SO excited to enjoy the post-baby bliss with Michael. And with NO deployment looming over our heads. This should contribute to much better post-partum recovery and calmness on my part. To know i don't have to be a single mom right off the bat is just wonderful. Hard to explain if your husband has never deployed...but it's just good. He definitely deserves some quality baby time :) Plus it helps he's a natural  with babies!
**Using the baby bjorn again. I loved when Gabe was all tiny and nestled against me. It was so fun. I was sad when Gabe outgrew it. Maybe she'll be more ave-sized? Who knows...doesn't matter as long as she's healthy and thriving :) I'm going to have to fight over baby bjorn rights with Nulkie though; that was one of his favs with Gabe too.
**Seeing Gabe with her. We keep telling him about Baby Sister but I'm sure he has no idea what's really coming. He's so sweet to little babies in church, I can't wait to see his reaction to her. I'm sure he'll be very affectionate :)

I've been getting pretty anxious wanting her to come. Pray that i can have patience and peace about her arrival. We just want her here so bad...and frankly I'm getting a bit tired of being pregnant. I feel unpleasantly plump! So pray for our family as we wait out these final days till she decides it's time!


Anonymous said...

Just take it one day at a time and let nature play itself out. I'm sure she will be a real looker. A Nulkie girl to go with the Gabers. NY Dad.

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