Saturday, July 9, 2011

A nice lil' saturday

 A pregnant woman's dream: death by chocolate. Yes that's a layer of choc cake, choc pudding and homemade choc whipped cream. Needless to say it was GONE to the point of scrapings left at the church function i brought it to. Bummer dude. Shoulda made two!
 Chocolate heaven glow. I would've just ate this for dinner.
 On our way home we found a firetruck! And the nice fireman let Gabe check it out and climb all over. Gabe didn't want to sit in the seats though. He kept saying "no".

 Investigating. Firetrucks are Gabe's FAVORITE thing right now. I think he has like 5 toy ones. And he plays with all of them. So this was like Christmas to go up close to one and touch it :)
Hope you all are having fabulous weekends! We are so far!


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