Friday, October 28, 2011


We just love this little girl!
 It is just TOO fun dressing up Evie. She's like my own little live doll to accessorize. And she's so patient and sweet about it! As she's laying on the changing table while i look for matching socks or a bow, she just coos and smiles at me. She's already my special lil' fashionista!

 I absolutely LOVE these trumpette socks! Thanks Aunt TZ!! They're so feminine and always stay on my feet!
Gabe can't stand to not be in a picture. Sound like anyone you know? Ahem, someone's Daddy lovesss to have his picture taken :)

We had a good day yesterday. Gabe played in the snow out in the backyard "by yourself" for about a half hour. He kept coming over to the back door and calling for me. And smashing his face into the glass. But he was pretty cute out there. Eventually after Evie's second morning feed we went outside for a walk to the park. The temp said 34 so naturally i bundled Gabe & Evie up in snowsuits and dressed myself in flannel. Turns out "cold" here is not that bad. I was sweating within 10 minutes. With the sun beating down and the dry air, 34 felt like 50. Anyways we made it around the block ( I made Gabe walk) despite Gabe asking to "push me" in the stroller (Evie got dibs on the stroller).
  Gabe & i had a nice lunch together and then he helped me make apple cake. We had a bunch of apples that needed using so i found a tasty recipe. He enjoyed dumping the ingredients into the bowl and smashing up the walnuts for me :) The cake turned out "mmm mmm delicious" as Gabe would say. This evening Nana & Gramps arrive to meet their newest Granddaughter and hang with us for a few nights. We are verrry excited for the company! I'm a pretty pathetic army wife- I'm already missing Nulkie a lot and wanting him home (and we have 3 weeks to How am i going to get through this upcoming deployment? Grrr. Anywho hope you all have nice weekends!


Kara W said...

I want to give your adorable baby girl a squeeze! I loooves the baby chub! :) She is precious!

Laurie and Mike said...

Thanks Kara! I can't believe how big your baby is getting! He's too cute :)

Anonymous said...

She is a cutiepatutie! give her kisses from daddy! Gabe too!

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