Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing Sophia Elizabeth Nulk!

Be prepared to be jealous...we got to meet (and hold) precious little Sophia Elizabeth this morning. She was born at 4:04 am and was 7lbs 9oz (i could be wrong on the weight). Mama, Daddy and Baby are all doing great!
 Such a sweet lil family!
 Check out that hair!
 Baby Mamas
 Nana hats!

 Proud Daddys!

 Lounging' with their ladies!

 Evie looks well fed! I cant believe she was that small 9 weeks ago!
 I look like my Mama!
Congrats to Brian & Christina! Sofia is just perfect !!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful sons, daughter in laws and grand babies. So blessed. love you all! Nana

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