Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First measurable dump...of snow of course!

So it was close to 70 yesterday. Today? See below.

 My puny little snowman. Don't judge. Gabe thought i was fabulous for making it for him. I also made him 10 snowballs which pretty much rocked his world.

 Trying to taste some snow
 Pretty girl. I think i scored another blue-eyed baby!

 Ford truck man. This pic's for see Big Blue with some Colorado snow!
 This kid LOVES the snow. I kept asking him if he was cold and he would say "yes". "Do you want to go inside?" "No, i stay in snow. I stay in snow, Mommy". So we stayed in the snow for a good hour and a half until Daddy called and Gabe's face was completely pink.

 Miss Evie chilled in her bouncy on the front porch. Once she was sick of that she was moved into the foyer where she fell asleep.
 Sneak peak of Halloween. I was planning to skip this year, but Uncle Brian offered to take Gabe around his neighborhood so i relented and picked out this lil' gem at the PX. Cliche much? Yes he's a soilder. Just like his Daddy. Cutest lil' solider i've ever seen.

 The patches were sewn on by yours truly. He's moody because we just woke him up from his nap and he didn't stay all dry. So no chocolate milk. Gotta play hardball when it comes to potty training!
 His weapon is a nerf gun. We didn't think an AK-47 would be appropriate.


Ahn said...

evie is sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

love the one of Evie eating snow! Love, Daddy!

Anonymous said...

and all of gabe in the snow!

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