Saturday, February 25, 2012

Evie swingin with Daddy

Evie loves the swing! She was giggling at Daddy while he made kissy sounds to her.

Today was gorgeous weather- 60s and sunny! So we went to the dog park and then took Gabe to his favorite park across the street. It was really fun to be out. Especially since we've been inside the last couple days. What's super inconvenient to get when your husband's deploying really soon? A cold. Yeah Michael, Evie & I have been snot buckets since Thursday. This includes 2 late night runs for cold meds. Grrr. I think Michael & I are finally on the mend- Evie's taking a little longer to recover. 
   In other news Evie had her 6-mth well baby checkup on friday morning. She's 21 lbs and 27 inches long! Chunk-a-saurus Rex! The pediatrician was thrilled with Evie's development, she even complimented us on what a pleasant baby she is :) The best part of the visit was discussing my breastfeeding issues. I know, i know. very exciting topic. I mentioned i wanted to wean Evie to the dr. and she was like "oh we have a lactation consultant on staff- you should talk to her". So we did and it was great! She gave me some tips on decreasing my milk production and totally supported my decision. She was like, I've had mastitis so i completely understand where you're coming from. It was refreshing because a lot of lactation consultants are all "you should breastfeed till your kid's 5". Soooo it was very encouraging to talk to her.
   Later on Friday we had another ortho appointment for Gabe. We've been concerned about Gabe's right foot because ever since his cast came off he's been limping and walking on the side of his foot. Considering his club foot history Michael & I were feeling like he's completely regressed. But the doctor allayed our fears-apparently most kids do this after surgery. The toe is still sore so they put pressure on it, find it hurts and change their gait so it doesn't hurt anymore. It's just a comfort thing- not regression. Were supposed to give him a solid month of walking around however he feels comfortable and then start encouraging him to walk normal again. If that doesn't work we can get an AFO for his foot that forces it flat. But i guess that's usually unnecessary. Today he ran around the park like a nut so we feel much better about the whole situation.

 That's our weekend so far. Were knocking off a lot of tasks on the checklist which feels good. Just trying to enjoy our last family time for 9 mths! Pray for us...this next weekend could be tough and i don't want to freak Gabe out by being all emotional. Hope you all have nice weekends :) 


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