Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

 All swanky for the Battalion Ball! Note: This dress is from 500th night (Mike's jr. year) at West Point! I also attempted a chignon in my hair. I was somewhat pleased with the results. This is the longest I've ever left Evie and i was a bit apprehensive (miss i-refuse-to-take-a-bottle) but she did great! Ate a whole bowl of baby food and went to bed without a fuss!
 I made this headband for Evie. I was inspired by this look.
 Michael had yesterday off so while he was out taking care of some errands he stopped by a florist and picked up some roses. Evie received her first red rose! She was so excited she tried to eat it.
 blueberry eyes
 I scored a dozen red roses myself. And we went on another date! I know, 2 in 3 days? Shocking! It's like Nulkie's deploying or something. Michael took me to McKenzie's Chop house (amazing) and then to see the Vow (decent). Evie did great again. Still won't take a bottle but will settle for baby food. It's wonderful!
 My two lil' valentines

I can never get the two of them to coordinate smiles! If one smiles nice the other is looking off in another direction. Oh well. They're still super cute. And you can see Evie's chunk has increased exponentially since we've introduced solids. We need to put her on baby weight watchers or something. Oh and she's 6 mths old now! She is just the most delightful baby...these 6 mths have certainly flown by. It's so fun to see what a sweet little lady she is becoming. 

And Gabe gets his cast off today! Hooray! I promised him a super-long bubble bath afterwards :) 


Ahn said...

your hair color still looks great. i can't wait for evie and svea to be pals!

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