Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our weekend

 A bouquet of flowers just cuz...I must say Nulkie has amazing taste.
 Chunky face loves to sit on the couch with a few toys to gnaw on and watch everybody.
 We didn't do a lot this weekend and yet we did. A lot of deployment-checklist errands along with a lot of chillin out. It was a nice blend :) Our calendar is a whirlwind right now with all the last minute preparations, briefings, appointments and family events. Michael had a lot of late nights last week so it was veryyyy nice to have him to ourselves for 4 days! We kicked off our four-day Thursday night with a trip to chick-fil-a.In a snow storm. Were that dedicated! It pretty much is a date for Nulkie & I because Gabe plays in the playplace the whole time while we feast and chat. Gabe's happy, were happy- totally win win. And to let you know how well Gabe's toe is feeling- he was literally jumping off benches in the playplace. We had to make him stop- so clearly he is experiencing no pain. One more week till the cast comes off!
 Friday Nulkie let me sleep in and we relaxed a bit. We thought Uncle Matt was on his way from KS, but 100 miles into his trip he was stopped by a blizzard. The road was shut down and he was stuck in a hotel somewhere in central kansas. So he never made it out here which was a bummer. I had bought all this food thinking the other Hulk was coming so Nulkie & i had to suffer through eating most of it ourselves:) Other than that our friday was nice and quiet. I was still recovering from my infection so we watched a movie, made home-made pizza and stayed in.
 Saturday morning Michael made creme bruele french toast and bacon. Yesss please! We (finally) painted Evie's letters and hung them in her room. That's the craft station behind Evie. She ate some baby peas & oatmeal this weekend! Nulkie cleaned out the garage and re-organzied it. He found all the parts to the jumperoo so we set that up and took the baby swing out. She already loves the jumperoo! SO cute.
 Saturday i had planned a mini-thanksgiving dinner in honor of Matthew coming. Well as you know, he didn't make it and then Gabe ended up puking that afternoon and had a 102 fever all day. So Nulkie and i had a date at home with turkey, gravy, roasted veggies, spaghetti & cheese, stuffing and wine. It was delish. Gabe had saltines, water and got to watch tv while we feasted.  He totally thinks he scored because he wasn't forced to eat at the table.
Sunday morning Nulkie picked up starbucks and treats for he & I. Gabe still had a fever so we kept him resting most of the day. Brian & Christina decided not to come with Gabe still sick so it was just us for the Superbowl. Still really fun actually. We did our taxes ( i know, yawn) and got a sizable tax return. Nulkie made delicious homemade guacamole and i made pulled pork in the crock pot.

Monday we took care of a bunch of pre-deployment chores and then went and ordered a cap for the truck bed. We decided that was more practical than renting/towing a trailer behind the escape for my cross-country road trip back to NY. So that should arrive in 2 weeks.
This Friday were planning to go up to Denver to hit up the aquarium and maybe the science museum. I'm pumped! Saturday is the ball and then Monday Nulkie wants to do our valentine's date since he works Tuesday. This morning i took Gabe & Evie over to storytime and now were cozy in our house! We skipped a walk at the park since it's like 24 degrees and snowing. A lil' nippy for Gabe who still has a cold. Well i gotta go feed the beast- yes i mean Evinator. I hear her squawking! Hope you all had nice weekends.


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