Friday, May 28, 2010

Matteo Graduates!

Get ready for mass quanities of pictures. As all events like this go...we had to do a "TP"(TP= every possible people grouping) and determine every picture combo with Matthew possible. And there was a graduation parade, senior banquet, graduation and commissioning, so naturally there are about a million photos documenting every event!
We had a great time...fabulous weather, good flights with the baby and sweet family bonding time! After 7 years of West Point craziness...the Nulks are finally done! Michael was happy to go back as an old grad and pester some plebes. Good job graduating Matthew and making this blog post possible :)

The corps of cadets marching on. If any of these pics look's because the Nulkanator graduated from here 3 yrs ago and I probably took the same pics. I can't always be creative.

We found Unlcle Matthew and all his hair.

The proud parentals

The current Nulk clan

Matthew and all the girls...and Uncle Ron. He wanted to be with the nice-smelling group :)

Senior banquet..poor Christina just had a wisdom tooth removed earlier in the week and seemed to get dry socket. Thus she is quite drugged in a lot of these pics...but she was a trooper to be dragged around all of west point!

Me & my 1LT (P) ...aka he'll be a captain the next time i post pics!!

Guess who was the speaker?? Can you figure it out?

Class of 2010...dismissed!!


Big smiles all around!

Aww, what pretty sisters Matthew gained through his brothers marrying well.

Being sworn in as an 2LT

Absolutely American

Team America right here.

Throwers and their coach (aka Knut the Norwegian God)

Happy sisters

The grandparentals and their one heir to the throne. ...pressure is on Brian & Greg to produce the next one..... :)

Lots of family came down to celebrate with Matthew


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Laurie, you did an awesome job. You really got the whole deal in your shots. Thanks, Tuggy

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