Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get it sold

We sold our house, we sold our house! In 4 days flat!! Yes there was a month-long saga of details (inspection, appraisal, contracts..etc.) to get to the closing yesterday at 4 pm...but we did it! We moved to Texas, bought our first house, put lots of blood, sweat and tears into it...and sold it almost exactly 2 years later! Not to shabby in this market I'd say!
Michael & I have no regrets..minus that we sold so fast we had to move out earlier than expected. We really came to love that little house with it's nice high ceilings, cozy family room, convenient fenced-in yard for the dogs! It was awesome. I already miss walking there..i had a nice 1.25 mile loop i tried to do twice a day with Gabe & the doggies. Now we are back to socialism in army housing...everything is cookie cutter and has a rule to go with it. Not to mention the fence isn't flush with the ground so Bella could easily escape (they stay inside a lot now)...and the first night there someone stole my nice jogging stroller! DISLIKE!!
Anyways, back to the closing. Our realtor was all smiles...i guess we came out with more $ than expected and she was happy with how clean with left the house for the buyers. They seemed like a really nice couple..and they have a 8.5 mth son whose going to move into the green room (that was Gabe's). I was having a little melancholy on Thursday as i emptied the last of our stuff from the house and cleaned it up...It's hard to leave our first place! But hopefully by August we'll be off on a new adventure to Ft. Leonard wood!

Dinner at Schoepfs! Best Texas-stlye brisket in town!

Yes, more baby bird pics. I find their development fascinating! Besides I'm sure you all secretly enjoy seeing their growth too. This was the last pic i was able to take...we turned over the keys to our house yesterday!


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you folks are troopers. Now get a little rest.


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