Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello all!

Sorry the blog has been lame and not updated forever. But can you blame us? We've been trying to sell our house, socialize and work on projects constantly! A few weekends ago my parents came for a visit as did Uncle Greg. I'll reward you all with some pics since it's been so long. Get ready for picture overload!!

32nd Anniversary Dinner for the parents!

Anniversary/Birthday Ice cream cake

Chubbo in the Tubbo

Gabe in Stillhouse Lake with Daddy. Swinging with Gramppy

Gabe & his buddy Holley-pano at the Holley Ranch

Amazing field of Indian Paintbrush wildflowers. Micheal was nice enough to stop and let us take some pics!

Uncle Greg came to visit too! We'll have to photoshop in Uncle WEsdawg


TP said...

We had a WONDERFUL Time. Love Ya!

Uncle Wes Dawg said...

Gabe is almost as tall as Uncle Greg haha

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