Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

The Sr. Nulks visited this past Mother's day weekend! We had a great time visiting (showing off home improvements) and relaxing. Micheal made his famous/adopted ribs which were fabulous! On Mother's Day we went to the amazing Lady Bird Wildflower center! It was a perfect was cloudy and cool, Gabe could run around, and we walked around the perfectly manicured grounds deciding Texas is quite pretty!

On another note...we could be in the final weeks of living in our house! Looks like we have a buyer who wants to close by May 30th. We have to work out some kinks with the appraisal but were pretty excited!


TP said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. So glad you were all together.
Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Gabe on the frog is really cute. My next background.

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