Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Birdies!

I came home from West Point graduation exhausted and overwhelmed...but i woke up the next morning to a gift: Full-blooming gardenia bushes that make the entire front yard smell delightful...

I also discovered the little baby birds had hatched! I'm SO excited i got to see them before we moved out. I think they just had hatched over the weekend..a few don't have a lot of feathers!

Update on us: we are completely moved out of our Velma house. We packed up the house in 24 hrs and moved into on post housing...this was largely possible due to the amazingness that is Matt Nulk. He totally saved our behinds (well mainly mine..i'm not much help carrying our large pieces of furniture and i think he picked up on my desperation) and helped Michael load up all our stuff and unload it! This was after driving 29 out 33 hrs straight. Anyhow, that's my shout out to him...if he ever reads this: thank you, thank you, thank you! I think between Michael & Matthew i could've filled a bath-tub full of sweat. Yum. Anyhow, big Nulk men are fabulous to have around when you need heavy stuff moved :)
Speaking of yum, we celebrated moving everything by going over to Schoepfs for some delish brisket. We are supposed to close on our house fingers crossed that it all ends well and we get our check and can relax this weekend.
For all of you waiting impatiently for graduation pics (and yes i have a ton) I will post them later...i'm le tired and trying to blog and baby watch..not such a good combo.


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