Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nulkie

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to my main squeeze, the one and only, Michael Vincent Nulk. He's 26 yrs old today!

My card said this: (it might be a little TMI, aka for Wes) but Nulkie loved it!
H is for the incredible HUNK of a man that you are.
U is for the UNDERWEAR you look so good in
S is for how SAFE you make me feel.
B is for BACON, because i know you like bacon.
A is for the ADMIRATION i have for you.
N is for your NAKEDNESS underneath the above-mentioned underwear
D is for DARING to hold my purse. 
Any way you spell it, you're the HUSBAND I love!


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Happy birthday Mike Erkel

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